Swell Sunrise Necklace

Swell Sunrise Necklace

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Inspo/ Product Description: The Swell Necklace is inspired by the North Shore of Oahu, during the winter season when the waves are largest. This is not only one of the best spots for surfing, it is also where many sunrise shells are found. 

Styling Tip: This necklace is popular with every local gal in Hawaii and is most popularly worn to the beach with high waisted shorts and a bikini top. It is great for everyday styling.

Product Description: 

  • 14K gold fill 
  • 18'' adjustable chain
  • Sunrise Shell (nickel to quarter in size) - each sunrise shell is found on the beaches of Hawaii and is unique and special in its own way. There are no two shells that are exactly the same.  
Swell Sunrise Necklace